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Asset Recovery

“IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.”


Devices: 859

Media Devices (HDD, SSD, Tape, Flash Card): 3,022

Equipment ROI: $88,000

Equipment License ROI: $130,000

Planning Stage

CTRL+V first staged a phone call with the IT security team, Project Manager, and Director of IT to discuss the initial requirements, locations, and timelines. It was determined that CTRL+V would first stage a team of engineers to identify physical assets at their Hamburg Germany location in order to gain a greater understanding of the environment.

Audit and Evaluate

An initial audit report of equipment including rack/floor placement, rack elevation, make, model, serial number, and status was compiled and discussed at the next project meeting. The client used this report to work with their system administration team and submit a high level timeline of each users requirements to the associated equipment back to CTRL+V in order to plan the decommission schedule.

During this time the list of assets was evaluated against the market value and a high level offer was provided for the purchase of this gear as well as the logistics costs to remove it from site.

Over the course of our discussions the customer had found internal value on certain legacy devices which were repurposed within the organization and relocated to their primary data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

Plan Execution

CTRL+V first staged a team of engineers onsite to de-rack, de-cable, remove sensitive media, and transport all equipment indicated on the audit list to a staging area. All sensitive media devices were degaussed within their current locations before being transported to the onsite destruction team for serial number, make, and model auditing. These media devices were finally shredded to 3.5mm in size in witness of CTRL+V personnel with a complete audit list provided to the customer via USB drive and certificate of destruction.

The remaining equipment was packed and palletized at the loading dock for transportation to a secured and monitored facility where each device with initial noted market value was tested in a lab environment for both physical and functional performance. Equipment was resold through CTRL+V’s channel with the remaining equipment recycled according to local law and regulation. A check was issued to the client along with a certificate of recycling within 30 days of the equipment arriving at the facility.

Asset Recovery

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