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"I am elated with your level of detail on the status update which you provided. Thank you very much! Your Engineers are top notch professionals, and I am thankful to have them as partners on this project!"

- Project Manager


 Client: Nationwide Electronics and Wireless Services Retailer

Contract Objective: Provide a full range of field support to 45 locations across the nation

Problem: Client’s current field services provider was only able to provide a limited amount of support at their different locations, the client still had to send out its own IT staff to handle various issues that their partner was not able to support.


Our Smart Hands technicians were able to a provide a full portfolio of services with an On-Demand service model. This model allowed the client to submit a service request by phone, email, or ticketing system and have a technician dispatch to their location based on their services agreement. We were able to provide dispatch services across all 45 sites each week in the following scope areas:

  • Routers, switches, and servers
  • Carrier WAN turn-ups
  • Hosted VoIP deployment
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Wireless devices
  • Site surveys and asset management
  • Audiovisual equipment, digital signage, and cameras
  • Demarcation point extensions
  • Video conferencing
  • Desktop deployment
  • Low-voltage cabling
  • Any type of IP device


Leveraging CTRL+V’s fast, flexible network of technicians allowed the client to free up their time to focus on business and IT strategy. CTRL+V was able to fill in the gaps that the previous partner did not like, offering a wider spectrum of services that allow for a one-stop shop. We were also able to ensure the same level of quality across each state by having an efficient and scalable standard that our PMO developed and deployed. We become a true extension of their team — our responsive field technicians and real-time ticketing system allowed the IT managers to track onsite activity and become more productive without having to send their own staff to each location.



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