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The WLAN Refresh project began as a collaboration with the customer through a design scoping workshop where a High Level Design document was created. CTRL+V’s engineering team configured, installed, and deployed these solutions and the integration into the customer’s network and security infrastructure.  


Locations: 18

Client: Food Production Warehouses across the continental USA

Project Objective: WLAN Refresh

Survey and Design Stage

CTRL+V first conducted a Wireless Site Survey, which measured the wireless performance of each warehouse site. We used our Wireless application to measure the signal strength throughout each facility that provided a heat map of that signal strength. The wireless site survey and RF analysis that was performed at each location gave us an in-depth understanding of the present RF interference sources and the overall wireless coverage requirements. The primary goal and subsequent objectives were designed with coverage, desired throughput, and usability as primary driving requirements. The following are the results of the surveys:

WLC design solutionsSecurity and integration options to security serversHigh AvailabilityDevice type optimizationVoIP considerations802.11 a/g/n/ac supportExisting network integration plan

Execution and Implementation Stage

Based on the wireless design and documentation from the survey, CTRL+V deployed a completely new wireless infrastructure that involved installation of additional MDFs or IDFs, wireless controllers and additional networking equipment, access point installation (including enclosures), cabling, and commissioning of the solution.

Full structured cabling for all WAPs runsPhysical AP installation (Average warehouse had 35 to 100 WAPs)WLC installation and configurationMDF and IDF clean up and re-organizationProject Management of the deployment complexities

Validation Stage

At the completion of the deployment stage, an additional Passive survey was conducted at each site focusing on validating the installation reflected the coverage, throughput, and usability anticipated in the survey and design.

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