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When IT managers and system administrators determine that equipment is no longer viable in its current environment, what is the best way to handle these IT assets in the most fiscally prudent and environmentally responsible way?

Why Choose Asset Recovery?

IT assets can have a profound impact after they have reached their maximum usefulness in your organization. Assets recovered from your environment can have potential resale value yielding your organization additional ROI. Additionally, not following proper ITAD procedures may expose your company to a data breach or violation of corporate/government compliance policies.


CTRL+V can help minimize risk and increase your company's value with our full service asset recovery. Let us help you coordinate, audit, decommission, transport, and process your IT assets with full chain of custody and documentation.

CTRL+V Best Practices

  • Identify and/or maintain asset records for current equipment in your environment
  • Determine the planned utilization of this equipment in your environment
  • Design a decommission or replacement roadmap for all equipment
  • Handle sensitive media according to your security protocols and provide certificates of destruction
  • Evaluate internal vs. market value for decommissioned equipment
  • Supply final disposition of each item along with a full audit list
  • Certificates of recycling and disposal provided for assets removed from site

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