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Infrastructure Audit

Why does your business need an asset audit?

 At Crtl+V we understand the importance and challenges of any business, regardless of size, to keep up to date inventory of their IT assets. This can be especially challenging for businesses that have assets across multiple offices in different geographic locations. The benefits and need for an accurate IT asset inventory include: 

  • Planning IT migrations and upgrades/expansions to meet your business needs
  • Comparing IT assets against business financials for accounting purposes
  • Ensure that critical assets are kept secure and do not leave the premises
  • An up to date asset register to provide vendors when outsourcing
  • Life cycle management of assets 

Services Summary

Our expertise in physical asset audits includes complex projects spanning thousands of worldwide locations and hundreds of thousands of assets to small projects covering a few hundred assets at a single location. We service large, small, and everything in between.

With meticulousness preparation and advanced planning, our experienced professionals at  CTRL+V can accurately obtain comprehensive, up-to-date fixed asset inventory data by conducting onsite physical inventory services in any industry.


We provide expertise and resources to get the job done with:

  • Experienced and certified project managers
  • IT engineering expertise
  • Trained auditors
  • Thorough documentation and reporting
  • A tailored audit to meet your requirements and business needs

With CTRL+V IT Infrastructure Audit services, you can be rest assured your audit will be accurate, comprehensive and meet the required standards that you expect.

What to Expect

It begins with us listening. It doesn’t take magic to ensure a successful inventory. It takes planning, open communications, and the flexibility to adapt.

  • Discovery – an open discussion of your inventory goals and expectations
  • Pre-Inventory – prepare and develop a detailed strategy based on your needs
  • Inventory & Accuracy Validation – execute devised plan with validation checkpoints
  • Post-Event Assessment – open dialog including a review of the audit results and recommendations

Because of our thoughtful and careful planning, open communications, and our ability to adjust, we have earned the praise of clients year after year.

Use Case

Examples of applications where professional infrastructure audit services were needed:

When insights are needed to drive business decisions

A global advertising company was divesting part of their business in only three months’ time. With legacy and virtual integrations spanning 12 data centers in 3 countries, the company wanted to identify from both a financial and an IT perspective the assets allocated to the business unit and provide insight to IT and Procurement to seamlessly continue operations. Detail-oriented project management enabled the audit to yield comprehensive, concise, and reproducible results. After only two months, the divested business unit was able to save $40M in licensing costs and $22M in maintenance contracts while reallocating those funds to capital expenditures needed for IT equipment. 

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