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When it comes to relocating your critical IT hardware there are a lot of moving pieces. Whether moving one server or one data center, CTRL+V will be there from the planning stage until the end of your project to safely and efficiently relocate your IT assets.

Why relocate?

  • Merger / Acquisition
  • Consolidations
  • Expansions
  • Change of IT strategy
  • Facility changes
  • Diversify global footprint

Why choose CTRL+V?

  • Tailored experience
  • Well documented and transparent methodology including risk and change management
  • Experienced project and technical staff
  • Global capacity from small moves, multi-phase, or single phase data center relocations
  • Insured

Starting Out: Relocation Checklist

Click here to download our relocation checklist

What's included?

  • Planning sessions with project and technical teams focused on achieving your goals
  • Logistics, Technical, and Project Management
  • Coordination between OEM and Other 3rd Party Vendors
  • Site Survey / Inventory Audit / Cable Audit / Support Audit
  • Hardware Procurement Consulting
  • Facility Readiness Review
  • User/Application Dependency
  • Disaster Recovery Readiness Review
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Materials
  • Onsite Technical and Project Team for Physical Relocation
  • Cable Management
  • Power on and Validation
  • Day 1 Support

Multi-site consolidation

A Fortune 500 FinTech company was consolidating two data center co-locations to one main location. The project encompassed 30 total racks, 250 devices and 1500 cables. Using advanced project management methodologies, a timeline was determined based on the available maintenance windows and multi-phase relocation approach. Full site surveys were performed, as well as a cabling audit, cabling procurement, and pre-cable installation due to the limited maintenance window. Also provided was secured transit, weekend maintenance timeframe and full contingency rollbacks.

Multi-phase global to regional consolidation

A Fortune 100 IT security company planned to consolidate ten global locations into regional data centers, requiring the move of 30-50 racks per location. Advanced project management methodology provided the client with transparent insight into both risk and change management across each phase of the project. Complete racks and un-racked devices were securely relocated and patch cabling reconnected following cable management and labeling standards, resulting in the successful relocation of over 4,100 devices originating from 10 countries across 500 racks

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