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Wireless Services

Optimize and enable your office, warehouse, or data center with CTRL+V’s Wireless Services. Partner with CTRL+V on your next project for a full white glove deployment or choose à la carte services below.


CTRL+V can partner with you and your team for success on your next wireless project. Using industry standard tools, our experienced project management staff and trained engineers can guide you through the complexities of your wireless deployment. Whether you are looking to tune up your current infrastructure with a passive survey, troubleshooting/validating active traffic, or performing a predictive build out, CTRL+V is well versed in engineering wireless solutions.

Services Available:

  • Existing WLAN infrastructure review
  • Hardware Design
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Wireless Survey Report
  • Infrastructure and Access Point placement, interference points, and channel settings recommendations
  • Structured Cabling
  • Onsite Implementation Team
  • Post Implementation Documentation and Support

Use Cases: Wireless

Examples of applications where professional wireless services were needed:

A large, multi-floor hospital had medical carts that required wireless connections to support the devices used by the medical staff.  These carts were experiencing connectivity issues in specific areas of the hospital, so a full wireless survey was performed to identify issues with the WLAN deployment.  Large coverage gaps in the wireless signal were identified due to lead walls constructed in areas where x-rays were performed.  Additional access points were deployed as a result of the survey to remedy the coverage gaps.

A robotics manufacturing facility had reported issues with WiFi disconnections on their main production floor.  A full site survey with spectrum analysis was performed and it was observed that some of their heavy machinery was emitting a strong RF signal that was rendering the entire 2.4GHz band unusable.  Based on the survey findings, all client devices that required connections were verified to be compatible with both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band.  Access points were reconfigured to only broadcast on 5GHz to avoid the interference, and connections have been stable since these changes.

A warehouse facility required that handheld barcode scanners be deployed to manage inventory and assist with order picking. A wireless solution was designed from the ground up identifying where access points needed to be deployed and what kind of antennas would be most effective to supply seamless wireless coverage for all areas of the facility that would require the use of these barcode scanners.

A multi-floor office building undergoing a redesign planned to upgrade all access points to support the high client density that would be present once the office was fully staffed. An on-site survey used actual access point hardware to take real world measurements of how the new access points would perform within the new office layout., and to serve as the basis of a complete redesign of the WLAN. Documentation was supplied that highlighted new access point locations with photos, transmit power/channel allocation recommendations, estimated cable runs for all access points and additional configuration best practices to support the high client density requirement.

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